Slovak association of brewing history (SABH) is a civil union, which associate in Slovakia all people, whose are interesting in brewing history, collecting things and souvenirs (labels, mats, cans, crowns, glasses etc.), which are connecting with brewing. They member are all collectors clubs in Slovakia and many individual collectors as well. The main activity is collecting all things and facts about brewing history to keep it, coordination of clubs activities and give some necessary help to all collectors and people in interest.

SABH was founded 1.1.1999 and its seat is Martin.

  • Main objectives and tasks

    represented clubs interest and individual collectors, coordinated activities between clubs

    cooperation with all Slovak breweries

    cooperated with all similar organization at home and in abroad

    to give some specialized and methodic help to all collectors and people in interest

    to come out information bulletin Pivne Hobby

    to process and record the survey of Slovak collectors collections

    organized inquiry about the nicest label, mats/coasters and crown cap

    to come out some publications

    organized some exhibitions with brewing topic