Danubius klub Bratislava


Information about club:

Seat:Meštiansky pivovar Dunajská ul.

Year of foundation: 1987

Number of members: 26

Club’s email: danubiusklubba@gmail.com

Club’s website: www.facebook.com/Danubiusklub


Contact person:

Name and surname:Rudolf Besedič

Adress: Kríková č.16, 821 07  Bratislava

Phone number:

Email:  danubiusklubba@gmail.com


Place and time of club’s meetings:

Place: Meštiansky pivovar Dunajská ul .

Terms and time of club’s meetings:

Each 1st Tuesday monthly, always at 18:00


Term, place and time of exchange meeting:

30. 4. 2016 –Meštiansky pivovar Dunajská ul. od 8.00-13.00


Main club’s activities:

  • Collecting of beer labels, mats, cups, cans, badges, mugs, brochures and other beer advertising materials
  • Producing and publishing of brewery directories, works about the history of brewing industry, development of beer taping and consumer and transport packing of beer
  • Publishing the information about the collecting and brewing industry by the means of magazines in Slovak and Czech Republic

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